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Monthly Economic Review - June 2014 - 30/06/2014
As per the Central Statistics Office's (CSO) Provisional Estimates of National Income 2013-14, the economy grew at a sub-par rate of 4.7%. Lacklustre performance of industrial activity and deceleration in the services sector led to this slowdown, while agricultural performance was upbeat. At 0.4%, industrial growth was pulled down by manufacturing and mining sectors. At 6.8% of GDP, services sector grew at a slower pace than witnessed a year ago, due to deceleration in the growth rate of the combined category of trade, hotels and restaurant and transport, storage and communications to 3% from 5% in 2012-13.


Financial Markets Review - Fortnight Ending 27 June 2014 - 27/06/2014
The sectarian violence in Iraq resulted disruption of crude oil supply which adversely hit the overall market outlook and in turn the macro-economic situation in India. On the other hand, investors' sentiments remained extremely keen on the announcement of Union Budget 2014-15 scheduled on 10 July. Markets were optimistic about a strong rebound in economic growth however, higher than expected CAD, fiscal deficit and inflation might disrupt the government's economic plans in the long-run as the new government has inherited an economy that is struggling under the weight of inflation and debt.


Financial Markets Review - Fortnight Ending 30 May 2014 - 30/05/2014
With the forming of the new government at the centre, hopes for recovery in economic growth escalated creating buoyancy in the financial market activities during the fortnight ending 30 May. The newly elected political party already began its plan to cut the fiscal deficit. Amid this positive outlook, markets discounted rating downgrade that has been cut to junk from investment grade from the rating agencies. However, global repercussions on withdrawal of stimulus by central banks continued to bother the market dynamics posing additional obstacles to RBI in the formulation of monetary policy. Moreover, looming risk of a weak monsoon raised inflationary pressure on the domestic economy.


Indian Agriculture on a Dynamic Path: Positive Response to Multi-Pronged Policy Initiatives Since 2004-05 - 28/06/2014
Indian agriculture has been doing far better in the years since 2004-05. This note explores vailable data to understand why this has been so. It is found that after 2004-05, public investment in agriculture increased, the National Horticulture Mission was launched, and more agricultural credit was made available that spurred private investment in agriculture as well. These policy initiatives resulted in increased yields and higher agricultural growth.


ASI Results for 2011-12: The Industrial Scene is Not as Depressing as the General Perception is! - 24/05/2014
The latest Annual Survey of Industries report, released for 2011-12, shows a high growth in the value of output, gross value added as well as employment generation. The ASI data suggests that over the past three decades Indian industry has spread to rural areas, creating more value and jobs than in industry located in urban areas. Industry is spending a smaller proportion of value added on interest paymen ts than it did in the earlier decades. However, compared to the 1980s, the share of profi t in gross value added has increased signifi cantly, while factory-floor workers' emoluments as a share of total earnings have reduced.


Selected Macro-Economic Indicators - 19/07/2014
The annual rate of inflation, based on the Wholesale Price Index, dropped to 5.4% in June 2014 as compared with 6.0% for May 2014 and was marginally higher than that of 5.2% during May 2013. The rate of inflation in the current financial year so far dropped to 1.3% from 1.8% in April-June 2013. The annual inflation rate in fuel and power in June 2014 at 9.0% was higher than that recorded in June 2013. Moreover, inflation in prices of manufactured products and food products is almost stable, while that of the food index (computed) is softened to 4.8% from 5.5%.

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Financial Markets - Key Indicators - 19/07/2014
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Weekly Updates - 23-29 June 2014 - 22/06/2014

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